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Candidates from in 2014 election:
  BJP Dushyant Total MPMLA Points (8)
  BHARATIYA Javed Khan Total MPMLA Points (5)
  BSP Chandra Singh Total MPMLA Points (8)
  INC Pramod Kumar Total MPMLA Points (4)
  IND Suleman Total MPMLA Points (10)
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1. Which candidate will be the best suited to be the MP of this constituency?

 Dushyant  BJP
4/5 from 2 votes
MPMLA Points(8)
 Javed Khan  BHARATIYA
3/5 from 2 votes
MPMLA Points(5)
 Chandra Singh  BSP
4/5 from 2 votes
MPMLA Points(8)
 Pramod Kumar  INC
2/5 from 2 votes
MPMLA Points(4)
 Suleman  IND
5/5 from 2 votes
MPMLA Points(10)
Elected Representatives from in the Past:
  2004 BJP Dushyant Singh
  1999 BJP Vansundhara Raje
, M.P 
, , India
Primary Party:
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